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How Long ‘Til It’s Gone?        

Styrofoam, the Problem.  Junk King, a Solution

While completing Junk King’s application for 513 Green Certification in conjunction with Colerain’s Team Up to Green Up, their Administrative Assistant created an interactive poster entitled “How Long ‘til It’s Gone”. The presentation revealed the startling fact that Styrofoam never decomposes. Throughout the 513 Green process, many facts surfaced concerning litter, but none more appalling than the effects of Styrofoam, namely:

·       It’s petroleum based and therefore, not sustainable; yet more than 14 million tons of Styrofoam are produced each year globally.

·       Styrofoam is made from Styrene, a lab animal carcinogen, possible human carcinogen and neurotoxin.

·       Styrene can migrate from polystyrene containers into food and beverages when heated or in contact with fatty or acidic foods.

·       Styrofoam is the most littered material: Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups a year!

·       80% of Styrofoam ends up in landfills (approximately 1,369 tons in US per day) and accounts for 30% of global landfills.


Armed with this information, Junk King management began investigating Styrofoam, its production and use, and asked the question, “Can it be recycled?” Because Styrofoam is lightweight, they discovered the recycling cost is staggering ($3,000/ton) and Styrofoam packaging is not usually clean enough to be recycled. Discussions opened with local recyclers and research of a machine known as a “Styrofoam Densifier” began. The recyclers confirmed that a deterrent to recycling Styrofoam is that it is 95% air. A Styrofoam densifier removes the air from the Styrofoam making it more desirable for transport and use. There are two methods – heat and cold press. The heat method condenses the material by a 90-1 ratio but produces an unpleasant stench. The cold press method uses an auger to break the Styrofoam into crumbs and compacts the material to produce a brick with a 60-1 weight ratio. Recyclers further process the brick so manufacturers can reuse the material for insulation and items like park benches.


The excitement was mounting when CEO, Jack Brendamour was contacted by Mary Cropenbaker of Hamilton County R3Source, informing him that a used densifier was available. Junk King applied for and received a grant from Hamilton County R3Source and installed a cold press Styrofoam densifier, just in time for the Christmas package rush.


Junk King is a locally owned professional junk removal company that takes unwanted items from homes, businesses, or properties. Junk King is faithful in its mission to be a community first organization committed to returning usable items back to people in need. Unusable items are recycled wherever possible. Junk King partners with over 50 area non-profit organizations to distribute usable items and approximately 20 recyclers.


Community members are welcome to contact Junk King to recycle their residential Styrofoam and cardboard cartons at their location in Sharonville.  Call 513-771-5865 or see their website: for more information. 


Junk King is a member of the Colerain Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Colerain community.