Living a Greener Life

What Can You Do?

Check out the links below to Hamilton County R3Source to see what you and your company can do to reduce waste at work.

Earth Day Every Day at Colerain High School

By Lora Dakin, Colerain Chamber of Commerce TUGU Coordinator

Earth Day marks the 53rd Anniversary of the birth of our modern environmental movement in 1970 for protection and stewardship of natural resources. The Team Up to Green Up initiative promotes Living Greener in Colerain by sharing resources and information so that businesses and individuals can do what they can to reduce waste and build a more sustainable community.


Our Colerain High School Environmental Science Club is a small club that is working to protect the earth, our home. Ms. Heather Mitchell and club members Daniela, Katherine, and Zaida (last photo) were eager to share a few projects currently supported by recycling and reusing. In our first photo you will notice a box beginning to fill with recyclable items. Boxes are in each classroom to collect items throughout the week. Each Wednesday, the Science Club collects them and empties them into the larger recycling dumpster outside. This is a huge task for a huge school but well worth their efforts to recycle. Secondly, the Science Club has collected plastic bottle caps from the entire student body (second photo) to recycle and reuse as well. Last year, after removing the unrecyclable items, they had collected enough bottle caps to send them to a business in Indiana. This company reuses the collected plastic to make playground equipment, benches, and such. The third photo is the beautiful bench the Club acquired from their recycling efforts. We are proud our students are working to become knowledgeable and investing in their community. They expressed their desire to continue to look for ways to expand their recycling endeavors and support TUGU initiatives!

Greener Options

Living greener is about more than just recycling.  Remember the other 2 R's: Reduce and Reuse.  You will have an even greater impact on changing your carbon footprint while saving time and money.